Top of the Line Fabricators is a full service fabricator of quality crafted, solid surface countertops, commercial and custom applications.

4 Reasons to Choose Acrylic Solid Surfacing

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Top of the Line Fabricators has been in business for more than 25 years! Tim and his team pride themselves on delivering their customers more then they expect. Their "obsessive attention to detail" ensures that your kitchen or bathroom countertop replacement will get done on time and on budget.


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  • 1. Acrylic solid surfacing is sanitary - no open seams that collect grime!

  • 2. Acrylic solid surface is flexible, allowing for custom
    fabrication and installation that meet your needs and budget!

  • 3. Acrylic solid surfacing is soft and warm to the touch - no more broken coffee cups or wine glasses!

  • 4. Acrylic solid surfacing gives you the peace of mind of a warranty!


Why Choose
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  • • More than 25 years experience dealing almost exclusively with
    solid surfacing materials

  • • Owner operated saves you time and money!

  • • Fully certified, insured and licensed! Obsessive attention to detail and committed to your satisfaction!

About Top of the Line Fabricators


Founded in 1998, our specialty is the fabrication and installation of Corian, Livingstone and other acrylic based, high density composite materials collectively known as solid surface building materials. Known for their non-porosity, durability, renewability and reparability solid surfacing is the ideal work surface for today’s high use kitchens and baths. We have been at it for more then 25 years and pride ourselves on delivering to our clients more then they expect. Customer service and quality are more then just words with us.


Acrylic solid surfacing’s superior design flexibility, in the right hands, allows for the accommodation of all layouts and special details. Modern solid surface fabrication techniques allow for nearly invisible joints at deck seams, integral back splashes and sinks leaving no crevasses for dirt and grime to collect Due to its non-porous nature, when you clean your solid surface countertop you can be assured it is truly clean. No chemical sealant is ever needed!


While no surfacing product is indestructible only solid surfacing allows you to repair most damage that may occur in your busy kitchen. Dings and scratches can be easily and inexpensively removed and as certified fabricators, any failures of the material, while rare, are warranted for at least the first ten years you own your countertop, which includes both labor and material! Some material brands carry a 15 years warranty duration and are transferable if you sell your home. While we offer repair services, many of our clients have us back every few years just to spruce up their surfaces with a refinish. Machining off the top layer of the material leaves a virtually brand new surface.


From the smallest vanity top to hundreds-unit housing complexes we strive to offer the highest attention to detail with minimal fuss and disturbance to your home or place of business. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to explore our website and we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality solid surface countertop or shower surround in the market today.